Network Consulting

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Many organizations struggle with managing technical staffing levels. As new projects come and go it is easy to end up either overstaffed or understaffed all the while trying to stay within budget. Additionally the rapid introduction of new technology coupled with a shortage in the available technical workforce makes it difficult for companies to expand their current internal staff. This is where ONCTek LLC comes into the picture. We can provide the temporary staff necessary to compliment your internal staff.

Short Term Consultants
ONCTek can provide consultants on a short term basis to fill temporary gaps in either resources or technical expertise. A good example is a major upgrade. Typically to complete a major upgrade of systems or networks in a timely fashion, additional staff will be needed. However once the upgrades are completed the workforce level can return to normal. Instead of hiring full time resources, turn to ONCTek LLC to provide the temporary resources to complete these upgrades.

Long Term Consultants
Sometimes there is a need for using consultants on a longer term basis. A prime example is when new trial services are rolled out. Instead of committing full time staff to these efforts, consider using ONCTek consultants. If over time the service is successful, then consider hiring our consultants to your staff. By doing this you save time and money and end up hiring experienced people.

To speed our delivery, ONCTek has established a resource center populated with local individuals with a variety of technical skills. This resource center reduces our time and expense in identifying local technical resources to fulfill your requirements. Talk with your ONCTek LLC sales representative today about these services!

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